Un Po di tutto


Sunday, 19th  February 2023, is a non-competitive event open to all non-motor boats. It will take place in the stretch between the Murazzi and the Maratona walkway, 10 km to discover the Turin river and its parks.

Accreditation and collection of the participation T-shirt at the Circolo Amici del Fiume headquarters, Corso Moncalieri 18, Turin, between 10 and 11:30 on Sunday, 19th February.

Departure at 12:00 from the jetty of the Ginzburg public garden.

The life jacket is mandatory.

For non-FICK members, it will be possible to participate by uploading a certificate of eligibility for non-competitive sports practice on the site when registering, issued by your doctor. Furthermore, for insurance reasons, they will be UISP members. Anyone already a UISP member can show their card during the accreditation.

The entry fee is €15 per person.

Car parking at the Ginzburg public garden (next to the Circolo Amici del Fiume).

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