Un Po di tutto - Tourist Experience


Sunday, 27th  October 2024, is a non-competitive event for non-motor boats. It will take place between the Murazzi and the Maratona walkway, 10 km to discover the Po River and its parks.

Accreditation and collection of the participation T-shirt will be held at the Circolo Amici del Fiume (Corso Moncalieri 18, Turin) on Sunday, 27th October 2024, between 10 and 11:30 AM.

Departure at 1 PM from the jetty of the Ginzburg public garden.

The life jacket is mandatory.

Non-FICK members can participate by uploading a certificate of eligibility for non-competitive sports practice issued by their doctor on the site when registering. Furthermore, for insurance reasons, they will be UISP members. Anyone who is already a UISP member can show their card during accreditation.

The entry fee is €15 per person (payment by bank transfer, Satispay or cash).

Car parking is in the Ginzburg public park (next to the Circolo Amici del Fiume).

Click here for entry.